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  • Award winning Lifestyle, Maternity, Newborn, and Family Photographer . Christine is well known to the South Western Ontario area for capturing bright, fun images, full of emotion and love.

    "When you love what you do, it's is easy to feel passionate about it.
    I can't wait to capture your beautiful life!"
    With love, Christine Kufske

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Spring Blossoms Special- {Kitchener Waterloo Family Photographer}

Oh warm weather, you got me all spring inspired!
I CANNOT wait for these to be out again! Now that I’ve found my perfect location, this spring I’m offering 10 sessions over 5 days. You need to be flexible because I can’t predict when theses will arrive but they will happen in the early evening starting at 4:30pm in Kitchener. Pre-book and pay in full to confirm your spot!
(these shots happened last year on May 5th to give you an idea)
family mini

Shannon and Shawn~ Expecting {Waterloo Newborn Photographer}

I like to treat my maternity shoots like engagement shoots. Lots of cuddling, laughing snuggling and movement. Let’s use your home to represent you and show the nursery details, let’s get outside to show the seasons. It was so much fun working with these two and Maya. Those who know me, know I melt when a boxer is around. We had one for 12 years and I still miss that beast of a boy. Shawn and Shannon I cant wait to meet Mr. H! Thanks so much for calling on me to capture this incredible time in your life. Here are my faves. First Maternity shoot for 2016.
Waterloo Newborn Photographer-19Waterloo Newborn Photographer-18Waterloo Newborn Photographer-17Waterloo Newborn Photographer-16Waterloo Newborn Photographer-15Waterloo Newborn Photographer-14Waterloo Newborn Photographer-13Waterloo Newborn Photographer-12Waterloo Newborn Photographer-11Waterloo Newborn Photographer-10Waterloo Newborn Photographer-9Waterloo Newborn Photographer-8Waterloo Newborn Photographer-7Waterloo Newborn Photographer-6Waterloo Newborn Photographer-5Waterloo Newborn Photographer-3Waterloo Newborn Photographer-2Waterloo Newborn Photographer-1

LindaMarch 15, 2016 - 10:35 am

These are great maternity photos and I have to say that the wall in the nursery is awesome!

Happy Family Day Weekend, From my Family to Yours!

On this Family Day, I thought it would be fun to share our family video that we had done this past summer by the incredible 2D Studios. I see so many wedding and engagement videos I thought, hey, Id really like one of our family. It’s an incredible keep sake that we will forever treasure. Excuse me blubbering. I’m a huge sap. lol
David and Danijela we are so crazy thankful to the two of you!
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A Smiling Eyes Good Bye- {Smiling Eyes Project}

Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 5.13.29 PM
This is a post I’ve been wanting to share for some months now but have admittedly been procrastinating on posting it. Honestly I’ve been struggling with the words, the words to say goodbye.
I have been the founder of the Smiling Eyes Project since 2006. 10 years this year.
It’s been an absolutely incredible journey that I’m beyond thankful for. Thankful because I know it has helped shaped who I am and what I believe in to this day.
It’s time however, to turn the page. As one of my Smiling Eyes photographers told me when I shared the news ‘There’d be no butterflies if there wasn’t any change”
As of March 1st, I will be closing the doors to the Smiling Eyes Project and no longer accepting referrals or photographers.
I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for helping make Smiling Eyes what it is and was and for trusting us with such precious moments in time.
I want you all to know that this was a hard decision to make. I know Smiling Eyes has meant a lot and has served so many people with capturing life long memories on film.
My hope is that another individual will take on a project similar to this that I can refer to in the future.
My reason for closing the doors, is simply my heart is tired.
It’s been an emotional 10 years but also an extremely rewarding one.
I’ve seen and witnessed courage and love that I never thought possible through our recipients.
I’ve stood in the same room as super hero’s and I’ve felt grace and mercy so tangibly it hurt.
I pray that you can all understand my decision and wish you all health and love in the future.
I will be keeping the Smiling Eyes page/blog open for another 2 months and will update the new referral list as I have that information.
With so much gratitude,
Thank you!
Christine Kufske

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! A Look back at 2015! {Kitchener-Waterloo Photographer}

HELLO 2016! Goodbye 2015!

And within a blink of an eye another year has flown past us.
152 photo shoots and amazing memories made and captured. A wonderful variety of Portraits, Commercial work and a sprinkling of Weddings. I continue to be so honoured and feel so blessed that I get to do what I love every day.
I’m anxious to dive into 2016 and meet all my new and past clients for more photo shoots. With 35 already booked for this coming year and 5 already completed for the year, 2016 has started off with an awesome bang!
This year I’d like to try out a few new concepts and push myself outside of my comfort zone. Underwater photography is one of them and would love some volunteers. I’ll be calling out when I’m ready and it’s warm enough, so stay tuned for that. A family mud fight is already booked for the spring and I can’t wait to have fun with this family. I’m longing for new locations, beautiful light, deep emotions and rich colours to work with.
Last May, the blossoms were stunning, so I’ll be running a ‘Mini Blossom Session’ which I will post the middle of April for May.
Pushing the boundaries and thinking outside the traditional family photo shoot box is what I’m excited to experiment with this year. I’m leaning a lot towards more ‘lifestyle like’ family shoots, capturing you in your real life with of course a few beautiful portraits mixed in. I think I already do do this but I want more! A day in the life of… I visualize, morning cuddles with your littles in your kitchen as the morning light pours in, detail shots of little fingers eating cereal, and messy bed heads. I visualize you jumping on beds and chasing each other around the house. I see family dance parties and water balloon fights in your back yard. I see flying a kite or making paper air planes. Homemade tents, camp fires with smore’s. I see going for ice cream uptown and capturing the dog as he tries to lick the ice cream off your child’s face who’s sitting in his wagon giggling away. Are you picking’ up what I’m throwing down?
As for the other side of Click, I’m excited to continue to develop my commercial and corporate work and am looking forward to new opportunities with possible travel.

Personally for me, 2015’s word was RENO. It feels like a blur really. We bought a new (old) house the end of 2014. We started RENOs the weekend we moved in. I can now say as we head into 2016 we are 95% finished the inside. THANK GOD! We LOVE our new home and our neighbourhood. I don’t think I have ever felt as settled in a home as I do this one. That’s a really great feeling for my mind, soul and creative juices. Once that last 5% is finished I will finally be doing a photo shoot and blogging our before and after photos. This spring we will start the outside hard and soft landscaping. I’m really hoping to have a garden again. There is nothing like growing your own food!
This month my babies turned 13. I officially have TEENAGERS! They are such beautiful, funny, creative, confident young ladies and continue to be my inspiration.
I refuse to make New year’s Resolution’s but instead commit to learn something new every year. 2014 was learning to knit. 2015 was supposed to be skateboarding, lol, but was consumed with renos. This year, for 2016 I’m back at it and will learn to
snow board maybe even skateboard. You’re never too young to try something new.
I’m so proud of myself that I did it again. A photo look back over the year. A collage of most of my jobs I did over the year in one post. I really enjoy going back over my images and laughing and smiling remembering what made my clients laugh.
So here’s to you and a New Year ahead of us. I wish for you all much happiness, health and laughter.
Thank you for allowing me to capture your beautiful lives. Let’s make 2016 an awesome one!

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Rich KufskeJanuary 21, 2016 - 7:28 am

Another great year of great work. The ones with the Boxer’s get me. Oh Beasties!

SOMETHING NEW FOR 2016- {Kitchener-Waterloo Photographer}

I’m excited to share that for 2016 my Portrait Packages will also come with all your images printed in 4×6 and packaged in a keepsake box! Prints seem to be something of the past but I’m bringing them back! I want you to get excited about holding your images in your hands and sharing them with your family like we used to. (Excluding, Mini Sessions, Head shots and Commercial work) Includes Full Portraits Sessions, Engagements and Weddings.
To celebrate this new addition I’m offering my regular Portrait Package which normally retails for $600 for only $385 to the first 10 people to purchase.
Purchase must be paid in full, taxes are included, and photo shoots must happen within 2016. Maximum of 6 people per the photo shoot. This deal will be sent to you as a Gift card to either gift to another or keep to use in the 2016 season. JUST IN TIME FOR CHRISTMAS!
new product sale

Beth MaxwellNovember 24, 2015 - 9:41 am

Hi Chris! I just your post for the Family Package Sale. I am at work right now but would love to book this for next year and get some updated pictures of the kids! I can’t believe how fast they grow.

How do I pay/book?


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