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  • Award winning Lifestyle, Maternity, Newborn, and Family Photographer . Christine is well known to the South Western Ontario area for capturing bright, fun images, full of emotion and love.

    "When you love what you do, it's is easy to feel passionate about it.
    I can't wait to capture your beautiful life!"
    With love, Christine Kufske

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New Website coming soon and some changes for Click Photography! {Kitchener Waterloo Newborn Photographer}

Some of you have already noticed the temporary website I currently have up so I thought I would give you all a little sneak peek of the new website home page launching next month.
Thanks so much to Jesse Karn for creating my temporary website to share some fun images while this new one is being finished.
This coming 2015 I will be changing my focus and after 10 years of wedding photography I will be focusing more on my Commercial work and my Family Lifestyle Photography.
I have had the incredible honour of photographing so many of your weddings and feel so blessed that you chose Click.
It’s time however for me to spend more weekends with my growing pre-teens before they no longer want to hang with their momma anymore.
Excited that I still get the pleasure of photographing 4 wonderful weddings in 2015 and am looking so forward to working with each of my couples.
Come January 2015 I will no longer be accepting wedding sessions as an option with Click but have a wonderful line up of my favourite photographers that I can refer you to.
A massive thank you to all my brides and grooms for over the years I have captured not only your wedding days but continue now to capture your growing families. This make my heart feel so big! I’m so excited to dive into my Family and Lifestyle photography again as well as more commercial work which is really picking up.
Please stay tuned for a really great ’10 year Anniversary’ special being announced in the next few days! Yes,10 years can you believe it?
Screen Shot 2014-11-05 at 2.01.17 PM

David + KaraNovember 6, 2014 - 1:11 pm

Wow, big transition! All the best with the big changes! :-)

Jenn & AndyNovember 19, 2014 - 1:54 pm

I totally understand! Pre-teens are a handful! We are one of the lucky ones who were blessed with you as our wedding photographer and newborn. As soon as Avery can sit still long enough for a family shoot we are booking! All the best!

Lemon Tree Interiors- Sophia Reay {Kitchener Waterloo Interior Design Photographer}

I was recently contracted to shoot some interiors designed by Sophia Reay designer for LT and Co. Interiors.
I LOVE shooting interiors so I was very excited about this. Sophia’s has killer natural born talent for this.
What impressed me so much was how she was able to take two suburban homes with the same footprint but design them so specifically around each clients taste.
I love her concept of using an organic element in every room because it draws us in. Her use of baskets, reclaimed older furniture made new, fabulous built ins, unique art, and pops of colour have inspired me to change some things in my home.
Be sure to stay tuned for her new website coming soon.
And hey Click’s Blog now has the ‘Pin it’ button when you glide over each image.
Here are a few favourite from the two shoots.

AliciaApril 12, 2014 - 3:27 pm

I LOVE THAT GREEN COUCH!!!!! Great photos. xo

chris kufskeApril 18, 2014 - 7:25 pm

Me too ! Can your believe it’s from IKEA?

Come Play with Me! {Kitchener Waterloo Family Photographer}

In my previous life, I was a Child and Youth Worker working with children and teens through the Child and Adolescent Inpatient unit at Grand River Hospital as well as with the behaviour team with the Waterloo Regional District School Board. I loved my job and really enjoyed the uniqueness of every child’s amazing personality. Human dynamics have always fascinated me. Play was a big part of my job. Fun right?
After taking an amazing workshop last month (see previous blog entries) one of our assignments reminded me again of how important play is in a child’s life as well as how important ‘child lead’ play is. Let the child lead, only step in if you are invited by the child. For this shoot all I brought for a prop on this snowy inside kinda day was a fun afghan (side note:I love the vintage look and fun pop of colour I thought it would add to the shoot) for Miss E to play with and let her imagination take over. Result? I LOVED this shoot! Following her around in her space watching her imagination take over and how she involved Ellie her pup in all her games. So often as adults do we direct a child’s play, suggesting this and that and dont do that and do this instead, not letting them lead. How fun to just follow. (obviously making sure they are still safe within their play)
I’m craving more of these kinds of shoots. As much as I love the stylized shoots and will continue to shoot them, I have to admit I’m craving more ‘real’ in my work.
Thank you Miss E and Ellie the pup for allowing me into your imaginative world and trusting me to be on the side lines capturing such tender real fun! Messy hair and all!

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AliciaApril 12, 2014 - 3:31 pm

These are so fantastic Chris! I love how you’ve captured Em, in her own element. No mom fussing over her hair and asking her to pose – it’s perfect! xo

chris kufskeApril 18, 2014 - 7:25 pm

Thank you so much for letting me play! I had such a sweet time with her!! One of my favourite captures!

In the ‘Real’ {Family Lifestyle Photography}

Another assignment we had when I took my workshop last month was to shoot a documentary lifestyle type session. With it being a fabulous -20 for days and not knowing what I could shoot it really forced me to get creative inside. Again wanting to capture more ‘real moments” of my family I announced to the ladies that they were going to be my subjects and all they had to do was make cookies for my homework, BUT they had to wash the dishes first! 😉 See what I did there? lol
This shoot filled me with so much pride as i watched them take on a task with such independence and intensity. I usually step in and do a few things but this time I stood back and let them have at it. You know what? These cookies were the best gluten/dairy free chocolate chip oatmeal cookies we have ever had! They are now a new staple and request in our house and the girls are 100% responsible for making them. I have to smile too because when I was young i too was the ‘cookie maker’. Makes me so happy to know that I have passed it down to them now.
Here are my faves of our real moment in time.

HollyApril 2, 2014 - 2:43 pm

Oh my goodness this is so great!!!

A little something personal {Kitchener Waterloo Portrait Photographer}

This year one of my goals is to photograph my family a little more. I tend to turn the camera off when I get home. I mean I do use Instagram a lot but i really want to pull out my big girl camera more.
A couple of weeks ago I took an amazing 2 week workshop with the ever so talented Val Spring and Breeze Floyd called Poetic Imagery thru the Bloom Forum.
These photos were from one of the assignments we had that required us to photograph an individual for about an hour.
So instantly I thought “who can tolerate being shot for an hour, who has great features, who photographs well, who, who, who?
I then looked across the room and saw him! Him who I take for granted and figure oh I can get his photo anytime but I never do. Him who makes me laugh, cry ,scream and feel so loved.
Him who tolerates my crazy ideas and whimsical thoughts. Him who grounds me but elevates me to levels Ive never know before. Him who trusts in me, confides in me and see the good in me even when I don’t.
I’m so happy i stopped to capture him for this assignment. I love these images of my main man. Photos that I now finally have to hold on to and look at. Looks and smirks that i have known for the past 19 years captured.
Thank you for you.

HollyApril 2, 2014 - 2:41 pm

LOVE this. So much meaning and love in these photos.

Welcome little men! Mr. C and Mr. H {Waterloo Newborn Photographer}

What an absolute pleasure to work with you Beth and Ronnie. Your two little gentlemen just melted my heart.
YOu are going to have two little heart breakers on your hands!
It was so great to see you after all these years! Congratulations on your beautiful family!

LarissaApril 2, 2014 - 5:26 pm

You two look so incredibly happy – what a beautiful family!
Congrats to you both… great pics. :)

BethApril 10, 2014 - 9:53 am

Thank you Chris!! We had so much fun doing this shoot, and LOVE the photos!
Beth & Ronnie

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