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    Capturing lifestyles for a living is - to me - the best job ever. From your engagement to your wedding to your newborn babe to your little one's first birthday... I get to be there! Documenting your life's journey as you create it! Life is a beautiful thing! I cant wait to capture yours!

    - Chris

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Kerri + Peter {married} 01.09.13

Kerri and Peter were married Sunday September 1st 2013. This day was filled with so much love and passion it moved me so much. And hello style. Loved, all her details!
As a photographer being able to just step inside a couples world and capture the two of them as they are, so in love for each other was such a joy for me, it was effortless.
When a couple has it they just have it and the energy and passion spills out all around making the photographs so real and easy to capture.
Kerri and Peter thank you so much for choosing me to capture your amazing day.
I hope you love them as much as I do.
Much Love,

Big thnak you to my second shooter Meghan with

Boy or Girl? {Gender reveal}

What an awesome experience to be a part of a gender reveal. It was killing me that I couldn’t share with you Alicia, and my family knows i suck at surprises. lol
But I did it and how awesome to see your face when you discovered you are expecting a beautiful little boy!!
I’m so excited to meet him and also so touched you asked me to capture such an amazing moment in your life. Love you guys! xo

HollyOctober 29, 2013 - 10:36 am

How can you not love this. The emotions are so real.

Alicia ThurstonOctober 29, 2013 - 11:21 am

You are the best! Love these moments, thanks so much for doing this for us. xoxo

Brett + Farran 08.24.2013 {La Hacienda Sarria}

What an incredible August day we had for Farran and Brett’s beautiful wedding. La Hacienda has to be one of my favourite Kitchener venues.
Always providing a beautiful backdrop. And Hello to Pink Poppi flowers! Wowo did I love all the flowers you provided . What a sensational pop of colour to this day!
Farran and Brett are the type of couple that you just want to know and friend. Both are filled with so much joy and spirit! It makes no wonder they had such a fantastic wedding party to walk thru this day with them.
From cheering and laughter to dancing, love and toasting . This day was everything a wedding day should be! I feel so honoured to have been chosen to capture your day!
Congratulations you two!
It always makes me so happy going over the images from the day to see how in sync me and my second shooter are for the day. A big thank you to Holly with for being that person!

Chasing West !

I’m a sentimental by heart.
Like a lot of moms out there I have been collecting the girls favourite and my favourite pieces of their clothing over the past 10 years.
Never really knowing what i would do with them but knowing I couldn’t let them go.
Recently a good friend of mine had a gorgeous quilt made and with what? With all the clothes that she too has been collecting!! I thought, perfect!! What a great way to hold on to the sweet memories that the different outfits remind us all of.
You have to check out Lindsay’s site on Etsy , yes fabulous Etsy where you can spend hours upon hours.
Her company is called Chasing West after her two beautiful boys!
I’m already collecting clothes for another quilt to be made. Hmmm this may become a bit of a thing over the years! lol

Be sure to check out Chasing West on Etsy!

Moved to tears

Once in a while someone comes into your life and does something so thoughtful it moves you to tears.
I had the honour of meeting Louise Thompson back in May when her daughter Shawna purchased a family pkg with me.
The family pkg was part of a fundraiser to help raise funds to support a wonderful colleague of mine adopting from Haiti.
During the shoot we talked a bit about my trip to Haiti in January and how much it made an impact on me. After reading my blog post about Haiti Louise contacted me and shared how much my blog post had touched her.
You all need to know that Louise is an incredibly talented artist and has the most gracious heart.
She emailed me this past weekend to share with me that my painting was finished that she was inspired to do, after seeing a photo of this beautiful child on my blog post.
I was teary even before I arrived at her home this morning and knew Id break down as soon as I saw it!
Louise this painting is still moving me to tears as i sit here typing this.
I cannot express how much this means to me and your thoughtfulness to do this for me. You have a huge heart and are so talented and I want more people to know about you!
As I was shooting this photo below to share with you I burst into tears again lol. In the actual photo of this little one, she is wearing an old brown jumper dress but Louise painted it a beautiful yellow because of the hope she sees in her eyes. Ironically Louise this is one of our new accent colours in our new home we are moving to. I continually to believe in signs from above and this today was one for me. HOPE its such a powerful word and continues to move people.
Us Kufske’s cannot wait to move into our cute new home and have the world as our playground and continue to serve in this great world and teach our girls was graciousness and selflessness is. Louise you are a true reflection of this and when I look at this beautiful child hanging in our new home I will be reminded of our trip to Haiti, of newness, of hope of serving and of graciousness.
With overwhelmingly full heart I thank you! xo

Please head over to Louise’s website

louiseSeptember 23, 2013 - 2:41 pm

Chris, I’m sitting here crying while reading this (aren’t we a pair). Thank you for your beautiful, heartfelt words. I’m thrilled with how much this painting means to you! You’re a very special lady and your work work in Haiti deserved to be rewarded. I’m glad that I could do this for you. With much love, Louise

Caroline +Keith {e-session} Skeleton Lake

What a treat for me to do this shoot up in the Muskoka’s one of my favourite places to be. …actually I’m starting to notice a pattern in my favourite posts here and they all seem to involve water. Hmmm.
Caroline and Keith are to be married next year at the top of Blue Mountain and I can’t wait to shoot their wedding. It’s been such an incredible honour to shoot continually for your amazing family and friends. I’m so thankful for you all. I had so much fun working with you two and I hope you love these as much as I do.
Big love!

AngelaSeptember 4, 2013 - 5:43 pm

Hey Chris – please tell me how they are EVER going to select the best one? it’s impossible! You’re the best.

AllisonSeptember 4, 2013 - 5:53 pm

These are to die for. Care and Keith look amazing, and there are so many beautiful shots of the cottage as well. Amazing work.
xx A

Derek + Karen Cambridge {06.22.13}

These two have the hearts of gold and were so extremely relaxed on their wedding day.
It was such a joy to see you guys get married and finally meet your gorgeous little man!
Congratulations to the three of you! And a Big thank you to Meghan my second shooter for capturing so many amazing side shots! We make a great team!
Here are my faves.

Derek & KarenAugust 30, 2013 - 4:46 pm

Chris. They are amazing, we cant fully explain how happy we are with them and how happy we were to have you as our photographer. Thanks again Chris.

chris kufskeAugust 30, 2013 - 4:57 pm

Aw thanks guys!! YOu were incredible to work with !! xoxox

Lina and Joe BarbosaSeptember 2, 2013 - 7:29 pm

Chris Thank you so very much in capturing Derek and Karen’s wedding in such a special way…the photos are amazing and everyone adored you!!! Our guests commented on how the wedding truly represented who Karen and Derek are and these photos say it all…These photos will always be cherised in our family…ty! Lina and Joe Barbosa xo

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